Bold Rock Hard Cider

Bold Rock Hard Cider was established in 2012 in Virginia and in just three years, opened its Mills River location. Western North Carolina, unsurprisingly, is a great location for the creation of hard apple cider due to its mass production of apples. In fact, this region is one of the best apple growing regions of the world, making the inclusion of local apples in Bold Rock's Carolina Draft and Caroline Apple varieties an obvious choice. 

AgHC was instrumental in assisting Bold Rock as they made the move to the Mills River location. Their knowledge of the area and specifically of the Agritourism and Agribusiness world was unmatched and helpful in choosing a site for the tasting and brewing facility. "Mark Williams, Executive Director of AgHC, connected us with the local growers and production facilities to ensure we had an easy transition and access to the raw materials needed for our cider," said Bold Rock Founder John Washburn.

At Bold Rock's Mills River location you can have a first-hand hard cider experience. There are free daily tours of the facility and a tasting room for the sampling of any of the eight award-winning varieties of Bold Rock Hard Cider. If a visitor looks up in the tasting room they can view the bottling line overhead. Bold Rock proudly uses natural fruit to give their ciders a refreshing all natural taste. They are excited to further developing the site and take part in the community as good corporate citizens. They are boldly committed to treading lightly on the land that provides for them, and work create as little waste and be as sustainable as possible.