When Hishtil-Israel began the process of establishing a US operation, three things were of paramount importance….location, infrastructure and partnership.

LOCATION…They quickly recognized that Henderson County, in the mountains of North Carolina, would meet all their needs for location, being within a day’s drive to all the Eastern U.S., having a mild climate, very suitable for production and an abundance of high quality water. Finding a specific site was accomplished through AgHC playing the role of a realtor, but without the cost of commissions.

INFRASTRUCTURE…The community’s long history as agricultural hub provided the infrastructure the company was seeking, giving them comfort and confidence of having plenty of ag-related businesses as neighbors, along with industry support and readily services available. Additionally, all needs for public utilities needed were in place or made available.

PARTNERSHIP…Finding the right domestic partner was Hishtil’s first objective in establishing operations in the U.S. as a new joint venture. Through established industry relationships, AgHC served as the architect in bringing on board TriEst Ag Group, which also lead to the inclusion SIS/Centro Seia, an Italian partner who had dealings with both the American and Israeli companies. So, Tri-Hishtil was formed and the “new” company with over 50 years of experience begin the U.S. venture in the Mills River community of Henderson County, NC. The companies of three separate countries was not the only partnership, but Tri-Hishtil also established a healthy partnership with AgHC and the rest of the local agricultural and business community.