Sawyer Springs Vineyard


124 Sandy Hill Ln,
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Phone: 828-698-4383

We are a family owned winery and vineyard of Henderson County. We grow our own grapes here in the crest of the Blue Ridge, in the Henderson County American Viticultural Area (AVA). As a Family that has Farmed here for over 6 generations, we know that our soil and climate are uniquely suited for growing some of the highest quality grapes, this in turn makes some of the finest wines. As owners and growers, we take pride in continuing the long tradition of our forefathers of producing the highest quality grapes to make a great tasting wine. We at Sawyer Springs Vineyard create award winning wines by only producing in small batches so we can better control the fermentation process along with the aging of our wines. We also bottle our wines by hand with Love to insure that our wines are the best. As winemakers we love going into the vineyard and picking a bunch of our wine grapes and tasting them to enjoy the wonderful sweetness that is like Gods nectar touching one’s taste buds, and we try to transfer this taste and Love to every bottle of wine we make.